Saturday, September 10, 2011

Feed the Kitty! Sponsorship

Probably the MOST FUN Sponsorship Available! Here are the details:
  • Cost is $200 (more is always appreciated and is 100% tax deductible)
  • You'll be listed as a "Tournament Sponsor"
  • Rolls of quarters will be available to tournament players at cost ($10 for 40 quarters)
  • Your Business Name or Personal Message will appear on every one of the 18 tee boxes during the tournament and at a special table at Registration.
  • Alongside your message at each location will be a collection box with a photo and special message from one of our Shelter Cats.
  • Golfers will be encouraged to "Feed the Kitty" by placing quarters or other loose change in the boxes of their choice.
  • At conclusion of play, all boxes will be collected and volunteers will tally donations.
  • The kitty with the most $ becomes our "Gimme Shelter" Fat Cat!
  • Graphics, such as company logo or photo will appear on your sign if received 2 weeks prior to date of tournament: Friday, Sept 23. Final deadline for text only is Friday, Sept. 30.
  • A Graphic Link Icon will be created that we encourage you to proudly add to your company website and/or to social media such as facebook.
  • A link to The "Gimme Shelter" Fat Cat! will appear on the website before and after the event.
Click Sponsorship Oppotunities for a printable form. Click to meet the Feed the Kitty! Contestants.

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