Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hole Sponsor: $100 - Your Message on a Hole

Consider becoming a Hole Sponsor, our means for financial success:
  • Cost is $100
  • All $100 goes directly into funds for our new Shelter.
  • Your Business Name or Personal Message will appear on one of 18 tee boxes during the tournament along side a photo and information about one of our Current Animal Shelter residents. To plan your sign, click Hole Sponsor Template
  • A copy of the sign will appear prominently in the Westport CC Clubhouse before and during the tournament and is yours to take after the event.
  • Graphics, such as company logo or photo will appear on your sign if received 2 weeks prior to date of tournament: Friday, July 6. Final deadline for text only is Friday, July 13.
  • As Hole Sponsorships are received they will be posted online at: "Gimme Shelter" Hole Sponsors
  • A Graphic Link Icon will be created that we encourage you to proudly add to your company website and/or to social media such as facebook.
Click Sponsorship Opportunities for printable form. 

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    1. Again the Deadline for the 2013 tournament September 13th at Westport Country Club is August 30th. One deadline to remember...But it is a firm date!The animals thank you for your support! Without you where would they be?


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