Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Westport CS Kids team with NCSPCA


Students from Westport CS, with help from Pam Brush and Susan Satloff, spent the day creating artwork and poetry to be used as posters at each of the 18 holes at our tournament on Friday, Oct 7. Individual posters can be viewed at NCSPCA Feed the Kitty! Competition.

On the day of the golf tournament, golfers will be able to "vote" with quarters (or other denominations) for their favorite entrants for "Feed the Kittty!". The entrant collecting the most $ will become our Gimme Shelter! "Fat Cat". All money will be matched $ for $ and go toward a new shelter for these and future NCSPCA residents.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gimme Shelter Forms and Templates

Details can be found on other blog entries, but here are key Forms and Templates for the tournament:
Some forms already allow online entry and Print or email Submit.

Others may be printed and faxed free to: 866.351.4130 or as to the forms instructions.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Feed the Kitty! Sponsorship

Probably the MOST FUN Sponsorship Available! Here are the details:
  • Cost is $200 (more is always appreciated and is 100% tax deductible)
  • You'll be listed as a "Tournament Sponsor"
  • Rolls of quarters will be available to tournament players at cost ($10 for 40 quarters)
  • Your Business Name or Personal Message will appear on every one of the 18 tee boxes during the tournament and at a special table at Registration.
  • Alongside your message at each location will be a collection box with a photo and special message from one of our Shelter Cats.
  • Golfers will be encouraged to "Feed the Kitty" by placing quarters or other loose change in the boxes of their choice.
  • At conclusion of play, all boxes will be collected and volunteers will tally donations.
  • The kitty with the most $ becomes our "Gimme Shelter" Fat Cat!
  • Graphics, such as company logo or photo will appear on your sign if received 2 weeks prior to date of tournament: Friday, Sept 23. Final deadline for text only is Friday, Sept. 30.
  • A Graphic Link Icon will be created that we encourage you to proudly add to your company website and/or to social media such as facebook.
  • A link to The "Gimme Shelter" Fat Cat! will appear on the website before and after the event.
Click Sponsorship Oppotunities for a printable form. Click to meet the Feed the Kitty! Contestants.

    Long Drive or Closest to Pin

    All participants have an opportunity to win Long Drive or Closest to Pin, here are the details:
    • Win a valuable prize for Longest Drive on Hole #4 (Women and Men)
    • Closest to the Pin on Hole #4 (Men)
    • Closest to the Pin on Ho;e #16 (Women)
    • Link to your accomplishment after the tournament from facebook to show your friends!
    We hope to provide a prize or prizes valued at $75 or more for each winner in this category. Please help us solicit prizes or donate your own "personal prize".

    Click Sponsorship Opportunities for printable form.